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Hi beautiful bakers,

     Today we are starting our series of reviews on Disney Eats and Disney Kitchen products. Some we will find in the parks, some on and others we could really find anywhere. I’m always on the lookout for Disney stuff. New or old, we will test them out and tell you what we thought. Honestly.

We are taking a look at Disney Eats Silicone Breakfast Molds today. Wow, that’s a mouthful to say. I have to admit when I bought these I didn’t fully read the packaging. This is a habit I have inherited from my mother. I thought they were cookie cutters. When I opened the package I noticed they weren’t hard and had quite the surprise. I have a million cookie cutters so it’s probably a good thing. I could probably open a cookie cutter store if I wanted too. The odd thing is I can never find the cutter I want when I’m looking for it. Don’t you hate that? You swear you see it all the time, but BAM it’s disappeared the second you need it.


I really liked the packaging, it’s simple and easy to see what’s inside. If you actually take a moment to read the package (and not just skim it) it’s easy to tell what you are getting.

I paid $18.95 for the three molds. That was in Canadian funds so the price will vary by country. The package does say the American price was $14.95. I wish they would leave that off packages. I always hate seeing the cheaper price from another country. I understand imports, exports and exchange rates but all I can think about is how it is cheaper somewhere else. Maybe that’s just me. That’s not a Disney thing either. So many products do it to save money on packaging and design.

The package was super easy to open. There really isn’t much to say about it. I appreciate that because I hate when you are excited about getting something new and you can’t get the package open. Don’t dangle the treat in front of me if you aren’t going to give it to me now. It’s just mean.


There are three molds in the set; the glove, the pants, and the face. All belonging to our good old chief in charge Mickey Mouse. Like the name says, they are made of silicone. I was excited to try them and did so as soon as I opened the package. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. The back of the package shows an example of making an egg. I thought that would be a great way to test it. I really wanted to jump right into pancakes but I figure I should start small.


I wanted to give these the best chance of working so I found a pan the same size as the picture and sprayed the silicone molds like the instructions showed. I really gave them a greasing. There are no written instructions but it’s clear from the pictures what to do.


Let’s start with the hand.

It worked great. This made me super excited to try the others. It took a little practice pushing the egg around to get it in all the fingers but the egg formed nicely. The fingers did break a little when I removed them from the pan but a little more care would have solved that. I was trying to be quick so I didn’t overcook the egg. No hard yolk for this lady.


The Mickey’s head was very different.

As soon as I cracked the egg in the mold it immediately leaked out in each direction. The end result was a blob of an egg not even close to Mickey’s face I love so much. It was very disappointing.

I couldn’t figure out why one mold had worked so well and the other was a disaster. I cleaned all the egg out of the pan and tried again. The same thing happened. I stared at it for a while and found the problem; one laid flat in the pan and the other one didn’t.


The handmade a perfect seal between the mold and the frying pan. The Mickey’s head was wrapped and that was where the egg was leaking out. Since the molds had never been used or gone through a dishwasher there was no reason for it. This is an issue with production. I know it sounds easy to say all you have to do is hold the sides of the molds down while cooking. That may seal the mold to the pan but it will make it very hard to do anything else at the same time. Also, do you really want your hands that close to the pan while butter is splashing? I know I don’t.

The result of the set will depend on the specific set you get. My best advice is before you add the food make sure all the side are pressed down firmly. It will save you a headache later on.

The molds are super cute and your kids will still love them. Just be prepared for the possibility of leakage.


We should probably give a rating for this product. I think those are usually silly. It’s just some made up number or amount of stars usually. So I’m going to make something up each time we review a new product. The points don’t matter so I give these four vegan cupcakes out of six and a half chocolate muffins.

Happy baking everyone!

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  1. I just bought these for my sis in law and she loves them. She only makes cookies in them though,.

    1. Hmm I didn’t try them with cookies because they aren’t stiff. I should try them with my next batch of cookies 🙂

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