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Sometimes all you need is butter, sugar and a little Pixie Dust!

You won’t find anything fancy on this site. It’s not about tricking you into clicking on ten pages to read one article. It’s not about selling you something you don’t need, and it’s never about anything political. It’s a break from all that.

It’s about bringing your favorite Disney baked goods from your memories to your home. Everyone has been at Disney park and thought ” Oh Sweet Disney that’s good! I wish I could have it at home”. Well, you can and it’s super easy.

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Hello happy bakers!

The short version is I’m just a big dork who loves baking and Disney. A big dork, like I slept with a stuffed Mickey last night after going to see Disney On Ice, kind of a dork. I’m proud of it too.

I’ve been lucky enough to write for numerous Disney sites over the years. I know it sounds corny but I love this community. It’s filled with some of the best people I know. I’ve been a guest on some awesome Podcasts and even co-hosted one. I’ve attended official Disney events for other sites and have geeked out every time. I just love it all.

I grew up learning to bake at a young age. My mom is a master cake decorator. Her skills have impressed me my entire life. As a multiple cancer survivor, it’s just one the ways she is amazing. Baking has always been a way for me to put my life aside and concentrate on something else. I have always found comfort in the exact science of baking. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in my life if I put these ingredients together in a certain way it will become what I want it to be. I heard that in a movie once and it’s always stuck with me. In a hectic life, that can be comforting.

This site is a mix of Disney and baking. You will find Disney Park recipes and ones inspired by Disney. You’ll find ways to become a better baker and grow your skills. Let’s learn together. It will be fun.

That’s really the goal of all this; fun. We want it to feel like you are hanging out in our kitchens chatting. Life is crazy and sometimes you just need to vent and make cupcakes. Butter always makes everything better. So come on into our Disney Kitchens, we’ll let you lick the bowl. We are excited to meet you. Honestly. Aren’t we just one big Disney family?

Happy baking everyone!

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Hello everyone!

                My Name is Nelson and I am so excited to be able to bake with you and get to know you all!! I love baking and Disney and am super excited to be part of a community who puts them both together!!

                So a little about myself! I am an aspiring baker, cake decorator, and pastry chef! I have been working at a local grocery store bakery going on 7 years now and have done everything from baking cookies, and cheesecakes from scratch, pastries like éclairs, Tiramisu and Crème Brulee from scratch, selling artisan bread, even cake decorating all the way to packaging rolls, cookies, and donuts. Whew! I have even taught cake decorating courses!

                Some people ask me “how did you get into baking and cake decorating?” Well, I have always liked to cook and enjoyed my TLC classes in Jr High and High School. But how I got into cake decorating well I went into Michael’s Crafts store one time with my mom like I always do. She really liked scrapbooking at the time, but one time I happened to wander down the cake decorating aisle and loved looking at all the products! I still to this day every now and then go into my local craft stores and browse the new merchandise when I’m bored haha. Well while walking down the aisle that day I noticed they offered cake decorating classes. I was recently out of high school and needed a hobby so I signed up then I was HOOKED! I loved taking the class that I soon took all the classes offered! My Instructor then told me I should be an instructor myself….. So I did! I have taught classes twice in my life. Once back then and again just recently.

                Well, that’s a bit about my working background. My schooling background, on the other hand, is a complicated story… Well, I have taken classes like I had mentioned in Jr High and High School but after that, I tried to go to college at The Art Institute to get a Baking and Pastry Degree. But like many of you, life got in the way and I never finished there. Then I tried to go to a community college for a general culinary degree but couldn’t get any help with financing and it was getting too much by myself so again I had to stop. Now I’m still working on going back just trying to find time with my home life and working a full-time job. But I am determined to go back and finish school! Also, I am working on getting my business degree. my dream is to open my own bakery someday! If there is anything Disney has taught me is to keep on dreaming big and someday your dreams will come true with hard work and dedication. My favorite Disney Princess is Tiana and she inspires me to keep working on my dream! but as we all know life gets in the way we just can’t lose sight of our dreams and we can’t lose hope!

                My love for Disney started like anyone else’s. Their parents bought them Disney movies, or took them to Disneyland, or dressed them up in Disney themed costumes for Halloween when we were younger. Mine started the same but I actually lost sight of the Disney magic until my adult life. I was reintroduced to my love of Disney while dating my ex a couple years back. Then I fell in love again. I soon after started my Disney movie collection and now go on a Disney trip once a year. Society loves trying to tell people what they can or can’t do and my love for Disney was the same. I thought it wasn’t “OKAY” for a guy to love Disney as much as I did. But while dating my ex I was in a point of my life where I was accepting myself as a person. Around that time I came out to my family and friends and I have been happier and enjoying life a lot more! Not only did I start my Disney movie collection but I  also started my Disney Jim Shore collection which I LOVE! I also started my Disney and baking obsession as well. The main thing I had learned from Disney and life, in general, is just don’t be afraid to be yourself! Live your life and follow your dreams and your heart!

                Anyway, soapbox off haha. that’s a bit about me!! I love teaching others a skill and hopefully, I can answer questions all you readers may have and teach you something new! Keep on swimming and make every day the best day ever!!! Remember your dreams can come true with hard work, dedication, and love!

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While Gen is a dork, I am a nerd!

Not only do I love Disney baking and cooking but I love the reason of why things taste so awesome together.  By day, I am a high school teacher and mother to what I think are the two cutest kids. By night, still everything that I am during the day but I get to test out all sorts of recipes for fun that just don’t work in my day job.  Ever want to know what ingredients can replace what, I’m the girl to ask!

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Version 2


Hi, friends!

I’m Erin and I’ve had a passion for creating since I was a kid. Making things for others, in the kitchen or in my craft room, is how I spread love and happiness. That is why Disney is so special to me. It is the epitome of joy and positivity and it’s a magical place that my husband and I enjoy together. On the weekends you can find me at the farmers market or on my yoga mat. I am also an avid reader and dog mom to two wonderful pups – Maverick and Remington.

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     I’m Felice, mom of two and beverage connoisseur. My husband and I left our high paced NYC jobs to open up a craft beer distribution company in Boston and haven’t looked back since!

     I love Disney and entertaining, hanging out at the beach and a creme brûlée with the perfect ratio of crackle to cream. I can be found waxing poetic about Walt Disney World’s drinks at @Disneysips

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Ashley Rae


||🏰🥀Disney dreamer|| 📖escaper||
Hello! I’m Ashley Rae. I’m 26 years young! Mother to Winston the Wheaten & currently getting swept off my feet by his father! My heart skips a beat for everything, Disney. From a family of five — my dad is my greatest protection.👼🏼 Spend my days teaching middle school English & my nights thanking God for all that I have, all that I am & all that I will be!

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I’m Abi and I’m an English gal living in beautiful Scotland. If I’m not in my kitchen baking from one of my favourite Disney recipe books, you’ll find me at the beach drinking coffee and building sandcastles with my kids Cameron & Lucy-Rose.

As an ex Disney Cast Member I was lucky enough to work at one of the magical restaurants at Hollywood Studios so I’m a self-confessed Disney foodie and love dining at any of the Disney restaurants whenever I’m at Walt Disney World. It’s also where I met my husband, so Disney is a pretty special place for us.

I’m looking forward to sharing recipes and cooking up some magic for you!

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Hi All! I’m Lissy!

I’m 20 years old with a passion for everything fun – especially in food!

I’m a student by day and experimental chef by night – but it’s my ultimate dream to work with the fabulous Walt Disney company! Wish me luck!

I started cooking themed recipes from all my favourite movies for my own blog, but I’ve since developed a real passion for Disney-themed desserts, so I feel very honoured to be sharing them here with all of you!!! 😊

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