Sundae Lessons: Is this Egg Fresh?

food eggs

Source: Idiot’s Guide to Baking by Alexandra Zayn

Hey beautiful bakers!

Everyone knows there is an expiration date on the side of the carton, but what if the eggs aren’t in the cartoon? What if you can’t read the date? Or what if you just have no way of knowing how old they are? There is an easy way to tell if the egg is fresh.

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So I’m an idiot

sliced dessert on top of white ceramic plate

Hey, you gorgeous Bakers!

     So many food bloggers give off the image they never burn anything or forget an ingredient and everything always turns out amazing. I’m here to say that’s bullshit. Can I say bullshit on here? Oh well, just did.

      They want you to believe they have never forgotten about something in the oven because they were stalking their ex on Facebook. Or they never got caught up in RuPaul’s Drag race and forgot to put the vanilla in the batter. I think we both know that’s just not true. I spend most of the time baking worrying about not burning something. Ok, that’s not totally true, I spend most of the time trying to check Instagram because maybe someone put a cute puppy picture up recently.

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Sundae Lessons: Seized Chocolate

coffee dark candy chocolate

Source: Idiot’s Guides to Baking – By Alexandra Zohn

Hi beautiful bakers!

I used to seize chocolate all the time. It’s when you are melting chocolate and you melt it to fast or, more commonly, water gets into it.

I would never understand why I couldn’t just add water to thick chocolate to thin it out. Instead, it would become a clump of chocolate. It would drive me crazy.

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Hello from my bed everyone!

Ok, this picture above is not my bed… obviously. I don’t Sherlock Holmes was needed to solve the case.

Firstly I don’t live in the mountains. From my bedroom window, you can see houses and apartment buildings.

Secondly, who the beep lives in that empty of a room? I have so many questions. Did they just move in? Are they minimalists? Are they allergic to anything except bed making materials? I have to know. How is there nothing hiding under the bed? There’s got to be at least a sock, a pen or that book on meditation we all bought and swore we would read. You know the book. The one you bought because Oprah recommended even though you swear you never watched Oprah? Ya, that book.

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Giraffe Mickey and Minnie Treats


Location: Throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Source: My brain

Hello happy bakers,

     Today we have a decorating post and it’s one of my favorites; The Giraffe Mickey and Minnie Cereal Treats. I love me a Giraffe They are such gentle giants. I could watch them forever. I love all the animals on the safari ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom but I’m really waiting for the Giraffe part. I turn into a three-year-old. I’m getting excited just thinking about it now.

Let’s make some Giraffe Mickey and Minnie Cereal Treats!

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Review Disney Eats – Silicone Breakfast Molds


Hi beautiful bakers,

     Today we are starting our series of reviews on Disney Eats and Disney Kitchen products. Some we will find in the parks, some on and others we could really find anywhere. I’m always on the lookout for Disney stuff. New or old, we will test them out and tell you what we thought. Honestly.

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Black Forest Cake Cupcake!


Location: Contempo Cafe – Contemporary Resort – Walt Disney World

Source: The Disney Diner 

Hi beautiful bakers!

I’ve been trying to think of new things we can talk about on this site. I don’t want it to be boring or repetitive. Disney Park recipes and Disney Inspired recipes are our thing but there are so many other Disney baking topics we can cover.

A lot (not all) of Disney sites are just copies of each other. I get it. There are certain topics readers will be drawn too.  If you talk about free items in the parks or the best ways to use free dining credits people will come flowing in. That’s great but there are a million articles out there about those. I should know. I’ve written some of them for other sites.

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Apple Pie Cupcakes!


Hi happy bakers!

So I usually write these posts on my kitchen table. There is usually a disaster of dishes around me that I will swear I’ll clean up in a minute. “In a minute” means I’ll forget and my saint of a husband will just do them. Goodness, I love that man.

Today this post comes from a crowded downtown city bus stop. If you are someone who uses public transit in a big city than you know I’m currently sitting in a glamorous bus shelter that has been decorated will all sorts of “colorful” words and pictures. I don’t know who “Tim” is but apparently he is up for a good time. And I didn’t know inspirational quotes including the F-Word were necessary to share with the public but they are. Oh, the dear old public transit system.

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