How amazing are Disney kitchen products?


(Photo (c) Disney Eats)

Hi, my favorite Disney bakers!

When I heard Disney was selling their new Disney Eats line on ShopDisney and in their Disney Stores, I was more than excited. I have always loved looking at the kitchen stuff in the parks and it took everything in my power not to buy it all. The price tags probably helped with that. Ok, they helped a lot with that.

Now that cooking and baking products are being sold everywhere I thought we should review them. Every Wednesday we are going to review a new product. I’m going to give you my honest opinion on it. I know I can be a Disney cheerleader sometimes but I also don’t want you to waste your money.

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Zebra Ear Mickey Treats!


Good day bakers,

Today we are supposed to be talking about the Zebra ear Mickey Cereal treats, and we still will later. First something else. When I started this site I really wanted it to be a place where people could bake but also share what they are going through in life. I wanted it to feel like old friends sitting around their kitchen table chatting about life. Sometimes life can be hard and we all need to talk. This is one of those times for me.

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Giraffe Ear Mickey and Minnie Treats


Source: Disney Parks Blog and my brain

Hi, you beautiful baker!

Let me start off by saying you all look fantastic today. I see you sir with the yellow polka dot pants on, you have some interesting taste but I like it.

I’m so excited about today because it’s based off one of my two favorite animals; the giraffe. I could stand at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for hours staring at them. When I lived in Orlando I would head over to see them all by myself. I hope the cast members didn’t think I was the weird Giraffe Lady. Either that or they thought I was trying to get a date with the cast members because it always seemed to be the same guys. I’ll admit they were easy on the eyes but I was there for my giraffes.

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Iconic Mickey and Minnie Cereal Treats


Hello beautiful bakers!

Firstly, you guys are awesome. If that’s all I say today it would be enough. You really are.

Secondly, many of you have told me you want more posts about decorating. That could mean cake decorating, cereal treats candy apples .. all sorts of things. I am so excited about this. Decorating and turning food into characters is one of my favorite things to do. I’m so excited about this.

This week we are going to start with a trio of Mickey cereal treats that you can find at numerous Disney’s Animal Kingdom stores. You have probably seen this purple box on the store shelves. I would see them and they always looked so tasty. I always thought it would make an awesome gift to bring home.

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Rapunzel’s Towering Parfaits


Source: The Disney Princess Cookbook by Disney

Hello happy bakers!

Since Monday we talked about a cupcake that involved a lot of steps, I thought today we would make something super easy; Rapunzel’s Towering Parfait.

This parfait based on Rapunzel’s tower she grew up in. This one just happens to be tastier. It’s made of three simple ingredients and would be great to make with kids.

Let’s get to it!

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Chip’s Bite -Size Cookies


Source: The Disney Princess Cookbook by Disney Press

Hi beautiful bakers!

As long as we have been dating, I’ve been trying to convince my husband that Canadians are not British.

This has been a running discussion throughout our relationship. My husband was born in the southern United States and I am a born and raised Canadian. The topic started as a joke the first time we meet. He insisted we Canadians eat like the British; something about tomatoes with breakfast. I took the hard stand we are not. Then in our first year of dating, I brought him to a horse show and the crowd stood for “God Save the Queen” and again I proclaimed we were a colony once but not anymore more. We properly asked for independence and we received it. I felt like this day was a big hit to my argument.

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Lemon Meringue Cheesecake


Location: California Grill – Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Walt Disney World Resort
Source: Kitchen Magic with Mickey Cookbook

Hi happy bakers,

So how was your mother’s day? I hope it was fantastic and filled with pixie dust… I had to say it. It’s a Disney blog.

My family had planned to meet up and have brunch. My father, who has a serious heart condition, ended up in the hospital with an infection. This would not be the first holiday our family spent in a hospital room so we just adjusted our plans. That’s something you get used to when a family member has a medical condition. Our family jokes that if we make some sort of plan someone will end up in the emergency room. It’s not funny but we laugh about it to lighten the situation.

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Disney Parks Churros tots!


Location: Every three steps in a Disney Park

Source: Disney Parks Blog

Hi bakers!

So I finally got to see the new Avengers movie today and it was … well, I thought it was ok.

I know people are in love with it. People are ready to sell their firstborn for spoilers of the next one. There are thousands of people creating fan-fiction and speculating what’s going to happen in the second movie. They have theories on how… well I don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s just say people’s imaginations are running wild.

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