Melting Butter

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I’ve been reading quite a few baking books lately. I like learning new ways of doing old things.

I keep coming across the weirdest tip; how to melt butter. At first, it really struck me as odd. Don’t people know how to melt butter? Then I started thinking about all the times I burned butter in the past.

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Nondairy Milk Alternatives

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Source: Idiot’s guide to Baking by Alexander Zayn

Hi, Baking People!

Growing up I was one of those kids that couldn’t have milk. My mom would make all my birthday cake with formula. That taught me growing up you can still have the treats even if you have allergies. You’ll just have to change a few things in the recipe.

There are numerous milk substitutes out there for people who have sensitivities, allergies, and milk intolerance. Just because someone in your family can’t have milk doesn’t mean you can’t bake for them. They would probably supper appreciate it actually because it would be harder for them to shop at a regular bakery.

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Causes of Cookie Malfunctions (part one)

two cookies on black ceramic plate

Hello happy bakers!

Today we start our little series about how to figure out why your cookies didn’t turn out the way the picture showed.

Sometimes you think you followed the recipe perfectly and they still don’t turn out. Let’s look at the first three things that can happen to the cookies you tried to make last night.

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Freeze Your Dough

person flattening dough with rolling pin

Hey Happy Bakers!

If you are new to baking and are looking for a great magazine on the subject, I can’t recommend the magazine “Bake from Scratch” enough. It’s just this great source of all things baking. It’s filled with information on bakeries, tips, and recipes. It’s a little pricey but I think well worth it. Like most magazines, if you sign up for the year subscription you can save some money.

When I was reading through the Sept/Oct 2017 edition they have some great tips on freezing your dough. Sometimes you have to freeze your dough to save time and sometimes it’s so it saves time in the future.

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Rolled Sugar Cookies

cookies baking christmas pastries

Hi beautiful bakers!

I was speaking with a friend recently about making some sugar cookies for her soon to be daughter in law wedding shower. For her, I totally don’t mind helping her out with the treats. She’s had a rough few years with her daughter passing away and the fact she is even considering throwing a party means she has come a long way since the accident. I’m so incredibly proud of her. So very proud.

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Parker House Rolls


Source: The Food Network show “Boy Meets Grill”. The episode is “All American” and the host was Bobby Flay

Good Morning Baking Friends!

How’s your Disney home lives going this week? Are you sleeping with your Minnie blankets? Eating with your Mickey dishes and wearing your favorite Donald shirts? Yay Disney Days!

When I was thinking about today’s Sundae lessons recipe I knew I wanted to make some kind of bread. One, because I love fresh bread, who does not love that smell in the house? Two, I really want these Sundae Lessons recipes to be stapled recipes for your recipe collection. Not something super fancy that you might make once. I want them to be recipes you will want to make over and over again.

When deciding what sort of bread to make the idea of dinner rolls came to mind. Everyone loves a good dinner roll. I can honestly eat so many of them on special occasions. I add a truckload of butter and consume it with a huge smile. Those calories don’t scare me.

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Pie Dough


Source: Algonquin College and “ Professional Baking” by Wayne Gisslen

Hello, fellow Disney food lovers!

Today we are making one of my favorite things to eat; Pie! How amazing is pie? Great, right?!

I was trying to think of a recipe that everyone should have in their recipe collection. A recipe that you can build on and make a million different Disney ways. It came to me that everyone needs a great basic pie crust. Something that you only need a few ingredients and doesn’t take 85 steps to make.

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