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Heellllooo DisBakers!

How’s life going out there in the Disney community? This girl just got back from Walt Disney World and had a great time.

The only thing was I was looking forward to buying a ton of Disney Eats brand stuff but that didn’t happen. Not from lack of trying but from lack of products. I didn’t see one Disney Eats display anywhere. I saw a couple left over products but that’s it. My husband said maybe the product line isn’t doing very well. That makes me sad, I was so excited when they launched.

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A Pintastic Channel

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Hi, my happy baking family,

Welcome to Friday, everyone! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? Anyone say “screw it all” and decided in a week they are moving to Walt Disney World? It may sound crazy but I’ve done it. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. I should tell you guys that story one day. It’s basically like saying “I don’t want to adult anymore and I just want to have fun”, but then you get down there and realize now you have to super adult because Disney doesn’t just give away annual passes.

As you know, on Fridays I like to talk about different Disney blogs, vlogs, and podcasts that I think are awesome. Today is no exception, and we are taking a look at The Pintastic Girls.

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The Daily Disney Gourmet Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Location: Mainstreet Bake Shop – Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World
Source: Mickey’s Gourmet Cooking Cookbook


Hello Beautiful Bakers!

I’m a super avid Disney Podcast listener. Whenever I’m walking from one place to another, or going for a run, I’m listening to someone talk about Disney.

I’ve been lucky to write for numerous Disney websites over the years. I’ve also had the pleasure to appear as a guest on different Disney podcasts too. I’ve even recently been invited to be a regular contributor talking about Disney foods on a new one. I’m like Kanye West checking out his reflection. It’s something I love to participate in.

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Recipe Featured on The Disney Driven Life

Good day, Disney Bakers!

Around here we love being part of the Disney community. It’s this fantastic group of Disney nerds who are sharing their love with the rest of the world. Recently we were lucky enough to have one of our team members guest post on The Disney Driven Life.

She created the Baymax cupcake from Disney Family. Check it out by click here. It’s a cute and quick little post called “BayMax to the Cupcake Rescue“.

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