Check out these Limited-Time Rainbow Snacks!


Hello beautiful bakers!

LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES! I was just skimming through facebook minding my own business and BAM these babies came into my life. Look how cute they are! I need to find out more.

Disney Parks Blog released the cutest new treats coming to Disneyland Park for Gay Days. Of course, the Disney Parks Blog will never say that’s what it’s for but new rainbow food that just happens to be released October 5-7th (Unofficial Gay Days in the park) seems pretty coincidental.

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The Disney Bakery Cookbook Challenge


Hey Beautiful bakers!

I moved over the weekend and I learned two things. The first is I am tired of moving. Like really tired of moving. I think I feel like an expert at it now.

The second is I own a ton of Disney cookbooks. That makes sense because I collect them but I just didn’t know how many I had. I knew I own the big Disney Parks ones but I didn’t know I picked up so many Disney Inspired books.

I thought it would be fun to choose one and work my way through it. The cookbook I decided to start with is called “The Disney Bakery – 30 Magical Recipes” by Adrienne Berofsky. I picked it because there are 30 days in April and 30 recipes in the book. Let’s try to bake all 30 recipes in 30 days. I have a feeling this will be a much bigger challenge then I think it will be.

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