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Heellllooo DisBakers!

How’s life going out there in the Disney community? This girl just got back from Walt Disney World and had a great time.

The only thing was I was looking forward to buying a ton of Disney Eats brand stuff but that didn’t happen. Not from lack of trying but from lack of products. I didn’t see one Disney Eats display anywhere. I saw a couple left over products but that’s it. My husband said maybe the product line isn’t doing very well. That makes me sad, I was so excited when they launched.

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Advice from the Pros: Pastry Chef Jenny McCoy


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Happy Baking Days!

Ever since the moment I first told people I was going to culinary school people started sending me food related articles. No one had mentioned food to me before but I tell people I’m going to Pastry school and BAM a million Facebook messages show up with recipes people think I will like.

Don’t get me wrong; I know it means my family and friends want to support me. I think it’s awesome actually. The break from the political arguments on my Facebook timeline was pretty fantastic too.  Hey, what can I say, sometimes a girl just wants to look at pictures cookies and not debate the future of the free world. Ok, now I’m thinking of cookies.

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Anna Olson’s Top 10 Baking Questions Answered

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Source: www.foodnetwork.com – Anna Olson

Hi happy Bakers,

Have you guys seen Anna Olson on the food network? I really like her. I especially love how she has a new Kitchen Aid Mixer behind her every recipe she does. I just want to call her up and say “there is no way you can afford a Kitchen Aid Mixer in every color”. I don’t know what she makes but those things are super pricey and it would be crazy to pretend someone would have one in every color. I absolutely love the idea of it though.

Well now that I think about it, where would I even keep them? Knowing myself I probably would use all of them at the same time just so I don’t have to wash the bowl halfway through. I looked into buying a new bowl but do you know how much those are? They are like a hundred bucks for a glass bowl. Don’t you think that’s a lot for a simple glass bowl? Well, a glass bowl that fits into the mixer.

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