Mickey Valentine’s Cookies Icing Basics

Disney Park Recipes

Hello DisBakers,

I know everyone wants me to jump right into the cookie designs but we still need to get one more fundamental down before we do: outlining and flooding.

Whenever we post cookie photos on our social media, without fail someone will comment they can’t flood a cookie with royal icing. I am nowhere near an expert on this. I’m more of a talented novice I would say. Have you seen some of those cookie artists on social media? Every time I think I made a good looking cookie, I see one of them and think I have a lot to learn. Those men and women are super impressive. Like honestly, how do they do it?

I might not be able to teach you how to make a magic eye puzzle, remember those?, on a cookie, but I can teach you how to flood one.

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Mickey Valentine’s Cookies Basics

Mickey Valentine's Day cookie Series

His DisBakers!

It’s the start of our Mickey Valentine’s cookie series. Way too often we see recipes with a hundred ingredients, and that take hours to make. Boo on that.

I thought it would be fun to create a series of different cookies using one cookie and two colors. Simple. Things don’t have to be complicated to be delicious. It’s a nice idea to make 8 different kinds of cookies with 16 different colors but people are busy and don’t have time for that. “I know you are 3 little Cindy, and can’t feed yourself, but momma has to shape cupids out of gumdrops and cherries for your class party tomorrow.” One cookie and two frostings sound pretty great. Especially if it’s a Disney Cookie.

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Disneyland Holiday Green Churros


Hello beautiful Disney people!

I am one of those people who would celebrate Christmas all year round. Seriously I would tinsel the city up if they would let me do it. I would do it anyways, but that would be considered littering. Apparently they frown upon on that. Even shinny glittery littering.

Today we are going to make some Holiday Green Churros from Disneyland. If you have been to the parks recently you know Disney loves themselves a churro. Want a peppermint churro? They got it. Red, green, purple… they have it. I’m sure there is a pink lemonade fruity cereal churro in the parks right now. You get the picture, they love churros. Probably because they are cheap to make and they have an iconic status in the parks. I know some people who think Disneyland is the only place in the world to get one.

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A New Year with New Recipes

closeup photography of sparkler
Photo by Matej on Pexels.com

Hello beautiful people!

I know this is where I’m supposed to talk about our top posts from last year… it is any of the Banana Breads incase you were wondering… holy cow you guys love it. People sure do love Banana Bread.

I thought instead of looking back, we could look forward. Ok I know that’s not very original either, it is the new year after all.

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Mickey Christmas Wreath Shortbread cookies

Hey beautiful people,

So I’ve been trying to write this post for a few days, and it just hasn’t happened until right now. Today my plan was to come home from work and get right to it.

Then my best friend sends me a text saying oh by the way she had a baby. For the record I knew she was pregnant. The belly sort of gave it away. She just wasn’t supposed to have it until next year. The little one just decided it was time at 4 am on Christmas Day. You know we are best friends because one of the first things I said to her was “You know this baby is going to resent you for combining their birthday party and Christmas present every year”. Ya only a best friend can make that kind of comment. She in turn asked me to hold the baby which she knows terrifies me because I’m convinced that I’m going to drop her. She knows I can’t say no either, because who refuses to hold a baby. Especially a newborn. Short version: the baby is cute and best friends are asses.

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Holiday Minnie Cake Pop (Disney Eats Challenge)


Hello happy bakers!

I just wanted to take a moment right now to say thank you to you. Thank you for taking time to stop by this site and spend some time with us. It means a lot to me. I think it’s nice to feel that simple connection with people. The world is so big and there are so many people in it. It can all seem so over whelming. It all moves at such a lighten speed. Years past by in the blink of an eye. I can’t even believe it’s the end of the year right now. Honestly, how did the year fly by so quick?

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