Disney’s “the Magic Kitchen Cookbook Challenge and Review”

Hi DisBakers!

Long time no talk! This is where I should say that I’ve been off saving the world or I found a cure for the Dole Whip addiction (not that we need a cure for it), but alas (who says alas these days), I just haven’t written in a while. I’m glad to be back with you and I can’t wait to introduce you to this new cookbook.

Disney The Magic Kitchen Cookbook

Ok new is a relative word. I probably found and ordered this copy online 3 or 4 years ago and even then it was used. Apparently it used to belong to “Lyla Kate Long” according to the front of the book. I’m not exactly sure what Lyla did to get her book sold but I hope it wasn’t something as simple as burning cookies.

This book belongs to: Lyla Kate Long

Disney The Magic Kitchen Cookbook came out in 2007 and according to the books cover “Good food that’s fun to make!”. So how can we not try to make all the recipes in it? It says right there between it’s covers there is a party just waiting for you to join in! I’m a party girl, your a party person so let’s do this!

So these are not Disney Park Recipes but Disney themed ones. I’ll admit the themed part is a little forced but let’s buy in and do it anyways.

Disney The Magic Kitchen Cookbook

Like when we had previously done this, we are only going to concentrate on the baki and sweet dishes in it. Wraps are great but we are looking for the sugar people.

The recipes we are going to make are:

  1. Jungle French Toast Sticks (Tarzan)
  2. Impossibly Easy A.M. Sundaes (Cinderella, just kidding it’s Kim Possible)
  3. Not too Scary Berry Pancakes (Monsters Inc.)
  4. As you Wish Muffins (Aladdin)
  5. Tropical Fruit Smoothie (LILO and Stitch)
  6. Don’t Forget Breakfast Cookies (Finding Nemo)
  7. Eye-Poppin’ Popcorn (Monsters Inc.)
  8. Magical Fairy Wands (Peter Pan)
  9. Jungle Fruit Pops (The Jungle Book)
  10. Buenos Apple Nachos (Kim Possible)
  11. Hiking Trail Granola Bars (A Bug’s Life)
  12. Ride the Tide Dip (Finding Nemo)
  13. So Not the Drama Apple Pie Cups (Kim Possible)
  14. Play-Time Peanut Butter Treat (Not a clue which movie these represents)
  15. Disappearing Chocolate Chip Cookies (The Incredibles)
  16. Princess Pretzel Parfaits (Sleeping Beauty)
  17. Chocolate Mud Pie (The Lion King)
  18. Light as a Fair Shortcake (Peter Pan)
  19. Design Your Own Fruit Pops (The Incredibles)
  20. Market Fresh Fruit Cups (Aladdin)
  21. Freeze It! Shaved Ice (The Incredibles)
  22. Pumpkin Patch Pancakes (Monsters Inc.)
  23. Gooey, Sticky Caramel Sundaes (The Lion King)
  24. Snow-Topped Party Cupcakes (Cinderella)
  25. Be Cool Peppermint Parfaits (Chicken Little)

Disney The Magic Kitchen Cookbook

So stayed tuned for all these recipes coming soon to the site. Well you don’t have to stay exactly where you are right now. The kids probably need feeding, the dog may appreciate a walk and a bath or shower might be appropriate before then.

Also we are going to be giving away a copy of the book (not mine and Lyla’s book) so stay tuned for details how you can win your very own copy!

Love you guys!