Disney Eats: Captain America Pan Set Review!!

Captain America Pan Set


Hello Bakers!

It’s Nelson and I’m back this time with a review for all of you!

First of all, I have to say I LOVE Captain America! He is my favorite Avenger, so I had to buy this pan when it was on sale.

First impressions when I opened the box is the pan was made of a decent metal that was very sturdy. The set includes the pan, the divider and a star cookie cutter. When I first placed the divider into the pan I noticed the divider was elevated a bit. Which means it didn’t fully touch the bottom of the pan. Not sure if this is the case for all the pan sets or just mine. All I did was bend the pieces that hung onto the pan a bit so the divider was flush with the bottom. Simple fix.


For the cake, I made a Red Velvet cake mix for the red, and then a white cake mix that I then dyed part of it blue for the white and blue parts. I should mention that the size of the cake pan is 10 inches. Anyone who hasn’t baked cakes before, or might not know this, it takes two cake mixes or possibly a double batch of your favorite cake recipe depending on the size of batter your recipe yields. I didn’t notice this until after when I was cleaning up but the divider does have a full line in it where you fill the batter up to. Anyway back to baking.

So I mixed the cake batters following the directions on the box (I used Betty Crocker as the brand this time but anyone who knows me or if you have read previous posts by me, knows I usually swear by Duncan Hines). I filled in the red velvet first, then divided and dyed my batter for the blue. I then filled in the white and blue portions of the shield for Captain America.

Captain America Cake Pan Disney Eats
Captain America Cake Pan Disney Eats

Then came the “not so easy part” in my opinion. The directions then illustrate that you have to remove the divider. I will admit I got a bit scared when I was supposed to do this. I tried to do it fast but that seemed to run the colors together. I am assuming the reason you remove the divider is because it isn’t the kind of metal to withstand the heat of the oven, but the instructions were a bit vague in my opinion. The box does say the whole set is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe (due to obvious reasons). I always wash my pans by hand to help make them last longer.

I then tried to remove the divider slowly which seemed to work better. I did make the mistake of waiting a bit to put the pan into the oven to try and take a picture. The batters started to run together. So another suggestion I’d make (I will do when I use this set again) is don’t wait. Put the pan into the oven RIGHT AFTER removing the divider.

While in the oven I noticed a few things. First I noticed that while baking the Red Velvet part of the cake kind of “took over ” the white on top which worried me a bit. I just was hoping that the blue and white still showed up on the bottom when I flipped the cake out of the pan. I think the reason was probably that they were two different cake mixes.

It also took the Red Velvet a bit longer to bake so the white mix was a bit over baked but not too dry since both the mixes had different baking times. I think it could have been a bit better if I had used the same cake mix.

The reason I decided to not use all white cake mix is that I didn’t want to change the taste of the cake while using a lot of red food coloring. Using too much food coloring could change the taste. Especially when using Red food coloring!! It will give your cake, frosting or whatever you’re dying a bitter taste. There are some companies like Wilton who make a “No Taste Red” food coloring but even then you want to be careful you don’t use too much. I wanted a very vibrant red for the Captain America Shield that’s why I went with a Red Velvet cake mix.

Captain America Cake Pan Disney Eats
Captain America Cake Pan Disney Eats

After baking the cake I did kind of find a “flaw” I guess you can say with the pan set. Although it was cool to dye the cake mix I did realize after taking the cake out of the pan that to get the effect you’d have to serve the cake without icing which would cause the cake to dry out.

To answer my concerns from the previous paragraph, when I flipped the cake out of the pan and twisted the cake I was able to see all the colors from the layers. I didn’t want the cake to dry out before I served it, so I decided to ice it with Cream Cheese Icing. I just dyed the icing and followed the pattern of the cake pan.

Overall, I enjoyed this pan and glad I got it on sale. Personally, I don’t think I would have bought it at full price. I guess I would give this pan a 3 out of 5 Mickeys!! But that’s just after using it once. Maybe if I had used the same cake mix or fix other issues I had then I would like it more.

Well fellow bakers, that’s all I have left to say about this pan set. I made this cake actually for my brothers going away party. He went off to boot camp so Captain America went with the theme. Let me know if you had any questions, comments or concerns. I hope to hear any questions you have.

Be on the lookout for my next Disney Eats product I review; Beauty and the Beast Bread Mold Pan!!!

Thanks for reading everyone!!

Have a magical day!!

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  1. Looking forward to the next one – I bought the Beauty and the Beast bread mold pan but haven’t used it yet!

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