The hunt for Disney Park recipes in the parks!

The hunt for Disney Park recipes in the parks!


Dear DisBakers,

This Disney community is filled with some pretty rad people Whether they have blogs, vlogs, small shops, and everything in between, they are spreading the Disney love.

Today we are teaming up with some awesome Disney bloggers to share some Disney Tips. Follow the link after this article to learn a variety of tips you need to know before your next trip.



Since we are sharing tips today, I thought it would be fun to talk about where you can find recipes in the Disney Parks. You used to able to ask the restaurants for the Disney recipes but they stopped doing that. Maybe it was because it was too expensive, maybe it slowed the servers down or maybe people just didn’t use the option. Even though they don’t give them out anymore you can still find your favorite Disney park recipes in the Disney parks.

Disney Park Cookbooks

This is obviously the easiest option to find Disney Park recipes. Disney sells them in many of their shops. Especially if you are in Epcot. They sell cookbooks from the different park festivals, vintage park recipes, park specific and ones that deal with sweet desserts. Many of these cookbooks you can only buy in the Disney parks too.




Disney Park Festivals

Disney Park festivals are an awesome place to find festival specific recipes. You will see them attached to festival specific pins, being given out at food booths and sometimes from cast members walking around. This is a great way to find rarer recipes that aren’t in festival cookbooks.

Disney Special Events

Special Disney events like Annual Passholder Days, Holiday Parties and special culinary events are a great place to find some. Keep your eyes open at food stands and from Cast Members handing them out. They tend to be themed to so that can be extra fun.

I want to give time for you to check out the other tips from my fellow looping Disney friends. I’ll say thanks for reading to all you awesome Disney baking people.


Disney Friends Blog Loop Disney Friends Blog Loop


Once you click the link above you will be brought to the next blogger and will be able to read another Disney Parks tip. Continue looping through all the bloggers until you have read them all. Below you will see a list of the Disney bloggers participating. They are some really great bloggers with some really great Disney Park Tips.

Love you guys!

The super fun blog participating in this Disney Friends Tips Loop:


21 thoughts on “The hunt for Disney Park recipes in the parks!

  1. oh man I love these tips cause I often have to make our favourites at home cause we don’t visit as much as we want to!

  2. I also love that if you ask, they will give you the recipe for certain dishes when you are in the parks. I left 1900 Park Fare with the Strawberry Soup recipe 🙂

  3. Great tips! No idea there were cookbooks! If you are a DCL Castaway Club member, they also post a few of the cruise recipes on their web page.

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