Nondairy Milk Alternatives

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Source: Idiot’s guide to Baking by Alexander Zayn

Hi, Baking People!

Growing up I was one of those kids that couldn’t have milk. My mom would make all my birthday cake with formula. That taught me growing up you can still have the treats even if you have allergies. You’ll just have to change a few things in the recipe.

There are numerous milk substitutes out there for people who have sensitivities, allergies, and milk intolerance. Just because someone in your family can’t have milk doesn’t mean you can’t bake for them. They would probably supper appreciate it actually because it would be harder for them to shop at a regular bakery.

Most people have heard of soy milk but there are so many more. There are hemp seed, rice, oat, and coconut. There are even numerous kinds that come from nuts like almond and cashew. Coconut milk is my favorite to bake with.

All you have to do is replace the cow milk at a 1 to 1 ratio. You always have to remember it will change the taste of the product. If you use coconut milk it will obviously give the recipe a super coconut taste. This may be a good thing but it will always change the taste.

You might have to try a few different varieties because some milk alternative will be overly sweet. You might want to look at an unsweetened variety.

Happy Baking Friends!

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