Causes of Cookie Malfunctions (Part 3)

two cookies on black ceramic plate
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Let’s just get into it why don’t we?.

Not Tasty

  • Usually, this just means you forgot to add the flavor enhancer. For example the vanilla or coconut extract.

  • You didn’t measure your ingredients properly.

Cookies way too spread out while baking them

  • This one usually means you did way too much of something. For example, you overgrazed the pan, baking sheet too warm, too much liquid, too much leavening or sugar. You could have over creamed or melted the butter.

  • You might have also just added not enough flour.

  • Your oven temperature could also be too low.

Cookies don’t spread enough while baking them

  • Pretty much the opposite of everything above of when the cookies spread out too much.

Happy Baking Everyone!

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