Mickey Valentine’s Cookie Decorating

Mickey Valentine's Day Cookie Design

Hey you lovely DisBakers,

Today’s is decorating day everyone!

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Rock the Dots Mickey Cookie



I’m starting with these ones because they are the ones you need to decorate before the base coat is dry. Sounds confusing? Stay with me here.

There are two ways to get dots on cookies. One version they will be flat with the cookie and the other will stick out 3D like.

For the flat ones, all you need to do is do your regular cookie flooding. Then immediately pipe dots right over your base colour. Do not worry if they stick up for a minute. They will be absorbed right into the base icing colour.

Let them dry and bam you have a flat but dotted cookie ready for any Minnie Mouse Rock the Dots party.


Rock the 3D Dots

To get this more 3D version, it’s very similar to the above cookie. Just do your regular flooding but wait for the cookie to dry completely before pipping the dots over the base. This will result in the dots staying on top and giving you that 3D dots look that’s so much fun.


Marble Mickey Cookie


Achieving a marble look is way easier than you think it will be.

After you have done the outline of your cookie, wait for it to dry a little. They instead of flooding your cookie with one colour, alternate adding drops of each colour. Then take a spoon or something pointy and swirl the icing around. So not do it too much or the icing colours will just mix into one colour. In this case it would just look like a lighter pink.


Mickey Hearts Cookie


This is probably one of my favourite designs because I love how simple but cute it is.

Outline, flood and let your cookie dry like normal. Then with a pipping bag filled with royal icing pipe the outline of some hearts. Wait a moment for it to dry a little, and then fill in the hearts with more icing.

Remember the base coat has to be completely dry before adding the hearts. Otherwise the hearts will sink into the base coat and it will just look like one colour.

Instead of doing hearts, you could also pipe words using the same colour too.


Mickey Love Cookie


I thought this one was just adorable.

Outline, pipe, flood and let your base coat dry like normal. Place some royal icing in a new pipping bag and cut a very small hole in the end. Practice pipping your letters on a plate or piece of parchment to get the hang of it. I find it easier to do it with cursive writing, and it just looks fancier.

You can write your sweetheart’s name, or anything you want.


Mickey Sunburst Cookie


I thought I would include a cookie that put all the skills together.

First thing you need to do for this one is outline, and flood your cookie in one colour. Immediately take your second colour and place a blob right in the middle of the cookie. Let in sink in for a moment. Take a knife or something pointy and, starting in the middle of the circle, drag from there out towards the outside of the cookie. This will create a sunburst affect.

Wait for the cookie to completely dry and then pipe circles or dots at all the points. Now let that dry before eating.

Super easy right DisBakers? Don’t be intimidated by royal icing. You will see once you get the hang of it, you’ll never understand what made you nervous about it.

Happy baking friends and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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