A New Year with New Recipes

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Hello beautiful people!

I know this is where I’m supposed to talk about our top posts from last year… it is any of the Banana Breads incase you were wondering… holy cow you guys love it. People sure do love Banana Bread.

I thought instead of looking back, we could look forward. Ok I know that’s not very original either, it is the new year after all.

Over the course of the next week will be announcing some new things coming to the site. It’s still going to have the same feeling but some great new additions. One great addition is lots of giveaways. We want to really reward you guys who read our site. You are family after all.

Today we are announcing that every Monday though Friday we will be uploading a new printable recipe. We have hundreds of recipes to add to our recipe index and we can’t wait to show you them. We know you will love them! Today we are showing you how to make “Calpico Yogurt Strawberry Swirl Sake” from Takumi Table Food Studio in Epcot International Festival of the Arts in Walt Disney World. We really want to be a place where you can find recipes you can’t just find on every site. We are excited to show you what we got!

Here’s to a great New Year and some great Disney baking ahead. We are happy you have come on this journey with us. Once you are here, you are family.

Love you guys!

4 thoughts on “A New Year with New Recipes

  1. I’m so excited about your new direction! I almost feel like you are giving us a little bit more of who YOU are instead of who you think the Disney community wants you to be! 😉 And I LOVE that! I can’t wait to see what exciting posts you give us!

    1. I really want too. I think it’s so easy in this community to be “Disney perfect” but I don’t think too many people are like that normally. I’m going to try and just be me. Whatever that means lol.

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