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Hello happy Halloween bakers,

If you have opened Instagram lately you have seen a millennial holding one of these up at the Disney parks. This year it’s not even just millennials, everyone is doing it. Ok, I’ll be honest, I would totally do it if I was there. My husband would be slightly embarrassed but he would humor me and take the picture. It’s for the ‘gram yo!

As you can probably guess, because you are smart Disney people, we are going to make these today. I often hear how difficult these look to make, but I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be more wrong. They take a little time because of the layers but they are sooooo easy. You guys know I love an easy dessert that looks complicated.

What you need:

How to make them:

1. It’s best to pre-make the cereal Mickey and Minnie bars. We have a great recipe on this site. Click here for it.What I do is make a bunch at one time and then freeze them. That way when I want to decorate them with the family, I can just pull a few out and go to town. It’s so much easier that way. It’s hard to tell kids “Well I know you want to decorate them now, but we have to wait two hours to make them and let them cool”. No little kid is going to accept that answer. At least none that I have met. Help your future self out and pre-make them.


2.Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. You can skip the parchment if you want but it will make cleaning super easy afterward. I’m all about easy cleaning tips.

3. In a small to medium-size bowl. Melt the candy melts in 30-second intervals until fully melted. I can’t stress enough how important it is to do it in chunks. Otherwise, you candy melts will seize and ain’t nobody got time for that. If you do ignore that and say ” this internet chick doesn’t know nothing” and try to melt it in one shot… and seize it, mix in some oil and it should go back to normal. Don’t rely on this though because there is a point where you will have to add so much oil it will be too runny and unusable.

4. Dunk one side of the Mickey/Minnie head in the candy melt. Keep dunking until the side is completely covered. It will dry smooth and flat. Well, flatish because it’s still over cereal treats and not a flat surface after all. Some people will use a knife to smear it on the Mickey, and I discourage that. It usually turns out like crap and looks chunky. You won’t get the flat surface you need. Plus who doesn’t like to dunk? Dunk, dunk, dunkeroo!


5. Place the Mickey and Minnie heads on the prepared baking sheet. Place two brown candies (I used Reese Pieces) on the heads for the eyes. You might have to move them around a bit but I recommend putting them right under where the ears meet the heads. Make sure to add these before the candy melts start to set.

6. Place the baking sheet in the refrigerator or freezer to set. I usually just do the freezer because it’s quicker and I want to get to the drizzle stage.

7. Once completely hardened, remove from the refrigerator or freezer. You might have to remelt the candy melts. Remember what I said about that. I’m looking at you impatient Irene out there!



8. Take a spoon and dip it into the melted candy melts. Make sure you have a lot on the spoon and drizzle it slowly over each Mickey or Minnie. Make sure they are thick drizzles and don’t forget to go over half the eyes to make them look like they are bandaged up. Since they are still on the baking sheet, I advise you to not stop when you hit the side of the Mickey, keep going about an inch on each side. This way you won’t have weird end marks. You can also hold the Mickey heads over the bowl and do it that way too.

9. Let them set in the freezer again and Voila; Mummy Mickey And Minnie Treats!

Enjoy and have a happy Halloween everyone! If you make them, we’d love to see them and showcase them on our social media pages!

Love you guys and happy baking!

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