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Hi, my happy baking family,

Welcome to Friday, everyone! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? Anyone say “screw it all” and decided in a week they are moving to Walt Disney World? It may sound crazy but I’ve done it. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. I should tell you guys that story one day. It’s basically like saying “I don’t want to adult anymore and I just want to have fun”, but then you get down there and realize now you have to super adult because Disney doesn’t just give away annual passes.

As you know, on Fridays I like to talk about different Disney blogs, vlogs, and podcasts that I think are awesome. Today is no exception, and we are taking a look at The Pintastic Girls.

I love this mother and daughters team. They are just the cutest. I secretly think the youngest is the star of the show but don’t tell anyone shhh…. I like that you know immediately if she likes something or not.

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If you haven’t seen their videos, you can check them out HERE. They haven’t been around that long but they have quickly become vlogging pros.

They do all sorts of videos from crafts, mystery mailboxes and, my favorite, Disney recipes. Basically, if it’s on Pinterest, they will try to make it. Well, maybe not everything on Pinterest. There are some questionable things there. Don’t go looking them up. Just trust me on this one.

These ladies are brave because some of the things on Pinterest look easy at first but then it’s 3 hours later and you have glue in your hair and paint on your shoes. And, you didn’t even use paint. It’s Pinterest magic. You start out making brownies and you end up with a macrame plant holder.

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I think what I like most about them is how real they are. If things don’t work out, like this Candy Corn Milkshake, they will just laugh about it. More importantly, they will show it.  Not everything you try to make is going to work. Trust me, people always tell me that I’m lucky I can bake so well, but honestly, I burn things all the time. I’m surprised when I don’t burn at least a little each time.

Is doing Pinterest projects on youtube a new thing? Well no it isn’t, but neither are a lot of things on there. For goodness sakes how beauty gurus do the world possibly need? The idea of Pinteresting might not be new but I like the relationship between these ladies. You can tell how close they are. If you watch from the beginning you can really see the girls getting more used to being on camera, and putting on a little show. In a world of so much turmoil, we need a little more wholesome family entertainment. If you agree, these ladies should be your next youtube binge-watching marathon.

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I don’t want to spoil any of their videos by describing everything they have done already. They have worked hard and I want you to see it first hand. So grab a bottle of chocolate syrup, click play and start chugging away. You will love it… plus the sugar high from the syrup is always a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Love you guys!

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Photo Source: The Pintastic Girls

6 thoughts on “A Pintastic Channel

    1. It makes you feel so much better when your pinterest​ tries don’t work out too. I hate when people act like they have never burned something or drop something while cooking. 🙂

  1. I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know Bethany through social media and i echo all of the praise. And while the youngest may be one of the cutest kids ever. The oldest is always sneaking a lick while baking or a peak into a box when unboxing. And this last picture shows that perfectly 🙂

    1. I was so happy when I saw her do it. I knew I had to put it in. It took my way to long to screen sho​​​t her while not freezing the others with funny faces.

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