Sundae Lessons: Seized Chocolate

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Source: Idiot’s Guides to Baking – By Alexandra Zohn

Hi beautiful bakers!

I used to seize chocolate all the time. It’s when you are melting chocolate and you melt it to fast or, more commonly, water gets into it.

I would never understand why I couldn’t just add water to thick chocolate to thin it out. Instead, it would become a clump of chocolate. It would drive me crazy.

Oh, and you can seize chocolate by burning it too. You know when the recipe says to melt the chocolate in 30 seconds increments and you decide to put the microwave on three minutes? Ya, there was a reason for the short bursts of time.

I wish I would have known earlier that you can save it.

To make it useable again, just add some cream, oil or a little butter. It’s really just fat you need to add to the mix. You are trying to bring it back to a balance.  You are looking for it to become smooth and creamy. It’s such a good feeling when you bring it back and you can continue on with your baking. That’s so exciting.

Happy Baking Everyone!

(Originally posted December 16th, 2017)

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  1. Seized chocolate is the worst! I always ruin it if I microwave it. Double boilers help

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