Swan and Dolphin Recipe Club


Help happy bakers!

Today I wanted to introduce you to a great source of Disney Park recipes that I think a lot of people don’t know about; the Swan and Dolphin Recipe Club. It’s pretty awesome actually.

Each month they will email you a recipe from one of their award-winning chefs from both hotels. Around here we concentrate on baking, desserts and battered items but hey it’s great to try out all sorts of recipes too. Your Disney family will love them all!

Here on “Oh Sweet Disney!” we will be posting some that apply to our site but if you want to sign up to amaze your family clicks the link below.

Sign Up Here (This link will bring you to the official Swan and Dolphin site)

So many recipes online are really the same 100 that everyone has. Let’s face it, we are all getting them from the same cookbooks, but finding sources like this one will spice things up a bit. As they say in Hercules “Go the Distance” to find new and delicious recipes for your Disney family.

Happy Baking Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Swan and Dolphin Recipe Club

    1. Ya they sort of hide it in their website too. I only found out about it from looking at their Food and Wine Festival page. There was a link to sign up for their newsletter and hidden in that was the club. I don’t know why they keep it so super secret.


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