Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday …

Sorry I had too. I’m currently reading a marketing book (yup that’s how I get down on a Friday afternoon) and they were talking about Rebecca Black’s famous viral video “Friday”. If you haven’t seen this video… where were you in 2011? There is zero percent chance you were on the internet or talked to anyone. Don’t google it. It will be stuck in your head forever. It may have been voted the worst song ever but damn if it’s not catchy.

Today is Friday and Friday is the day we talk about anything really. It could be Disney Podcasts you should listen too, other Disney sites you need to check out or really anything that’s on my brain. It’s just you and I (ignore everyone else reading this) chatting about life, baking, and Disney.

Today I thought we could talk about a new (to me) site I’ve found; By the design of the site, it looks like it’s been around awhile so I’m sad it took me this long to find it. Since I love alternative Disney sites, maybe I’ve come across it before and just don’t remember. I will remember it now though.

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Like I just mentioned I love alternative Disney sites. No, I don’t mean sites with Nirvana playing in the background or characters dressed up as the members of Pearl Jam. I just mean not the typical fan site you would expect. There are thousands of unofficial Disney websites. Most can be summed up as Pixie Dust filled travel help. Everything in Disney is great and the company can do no wrong on their pages. They stay in a very safe blogger bubble. Don’t get me wrong, some of these sites are fantastic. They are well researched, have beautiful photos and are incredibly written by true Disney fans. But… they are safe. Like asking a kid if they want cake kind of safe. Ya, the audience could go in different directions but for the most part, you know what you are going to achieve.

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I like sites like that challenge the ideal a bit. I’m not saying they have to go to the point of describing doing drugs in the parks. There’s no need to have cast members describe hooking up either but I like when people mention that adult things can happen in the parks too. If you are of age, you can have something stronger to drink than Lefou’s Brew. As tasty as it is, sometimes you need a little more than a sugar boost to deal with the parks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the parks but sometimes when the kids are wet and cranky, the spouse is hangry, and you have been on your feet for 15 hours… mama wants a drink. You can put a Mickey straw in it if you want but mama needs a beer.

The site is filled with information on what cocktails are offered, what’s in them and even some fun drinking games. Everyone has heard of “Drink around the World”, but they even went as far as to make a scoreboard for it. Sounds pretty neat right? Ten points for them.

You always find food and restaurant reviews but very rarely do you find people reviewing the drinks. I don’t know if it’s because people want to ignore the fact drinking happens in the parks or if it’s because they have drunk so much that they forget what they thought. We have all been there. This site will fill all your drink review needs.

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I can’t tell the last time it was updated but they do have a pretty active Twitter it looks like. Or maybe Instagram is more your thing. So grab a drink and follow away. Full disclosure I have never met these people. Usually, if I’m going to talk about someone’s site, I’ve talked to them before. They could be glad Bambi’s mom died for all I know, but I don’t think that’s the case. Normally Disney site peeps are pretty fun people. They have a Disney site after all.

Why do I bring all this up? I think it’s fun to showcase the different side of Disney bloggers. Even when that comes to the Disney life, there will always be people doing their own thing. And, I love that. I love people who create their own paths. Especially when it comes to our beloved Disney.

So head on over to and tell them we say hi. Or better yet the next time you have a drink cheers them in your head. You could also do it out loud but then people on the bus will know you are drinking and people tend to look down upon that at 3 in the afternoon. Crazy I know.

Love you my beautiful bakers!

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  1. I can be glad Bambi’s mom died and still be pretty fun.

    I’m kidding! I’m not much fun.

    Still kidding. Thanks for the write up!

    1. I’m glad too. Honestly we don’t know much about her. Maybe she was full of herself, maybe she was mean, maybe she hated bacon and cake… unthinkable things.

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