Good morning bakers,

As I write this is currently 4:46am and I’m laying in bed. My Basset hound Mollie wakes up at 4:30 every morning for breakfast. Every. Single. Morning. This is not a choice we’ve made. We would rather she sleep in but regardless of our sleep patterns she is determined to keep her schedule.

She will go from a deep sleep to crying at your bedside in 3.2 seconds. From full to starving in a second. She will go out, eat, have her eye drops and be sleeping again in ten minutes. Then she will sleep for 6 hours. A creature of routine if I have ever seen one.

As I lay here, and annoy my half sleeping husband with the glow of my cell phone, it made me think about my own eating habits. Do I have specific things that I only eat at certain times? Are we all just creatures of habit like my dog? She doesn’t know why she does her routine and I wonder if we do.

Yesterday I had an egg salad sandwich for breakfast, and it confused everyone in my household. “But those are for lunchtime” my husband kept repeating to me. I answered, “yes but I like them so I had one.” It left him confused and me a little shy about it.

Which is crazy if you think about it. Eggs and toast are very recognizable breakfast food. Every restaurant in Disney that serves breakfast is serving both of them. Mayonnaise is a condiment that people put on everything so that should be ok too. Why are they acceptable breakfast foods separate but confused everyone when eaten together?

I think I might start paying more attention to what and when I eat certain things. If you like something you should be about to eat it when you want.

There’s no recipe in this post, I just thought I would talk this thought out with you guys. What do you think, should certain foods be only eaten at a certain time? Let me know below in the comments what your eating habits are like.

Happy baking everyone,



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