Hello from my bed everyone!

Ok, this picture above is not my bed… obviously. I don’t Sherlock Holmes was needed to solve the case.

Firstly I don’t live in the mountains. From my bedroom window, you can see houses and apartment buildings.

Secondly, who the beep lives in that empty of a room? I have so many questions. Did they just move in? Are they minimalists? Are they allergic to anything except bed making materials? I have to know. How is there nothing hiding under the bed? There’s got to be at least a sock, a pen or that book on meditation we all bought and swore we would read. You know the book. The one you bought because Oprah recommended even though you swear you never watched Oprah? Ya, that book.

Why did I start this post anyways? Oh ya: Vlogging. I’m thinking of trying my hand at a YouTube cooking show. It won’t be my main focus but might be fun to try out sometimes. It would be a little more sarcastic than the average Disney cooking Channel. Ok probably way more sarcastic, but hopefully a lot of fun too.

So what do you guys think? Does YouTube need another Disney Cooking Chanel? Let me know in the comments what you think? I might try to film a couple this week. Nothing complicated or anything. Maybe some Tiger Tails or Disney Park Churros.

Good night everyone!

Photo Source: Wix and WordPress Photos

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