How does Sundae Lessons work?

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Good Day Baking Babes,

I thought since today is the first day of Sundae Lessons I would explain the simple idea around what it is.

Every Wednesday on Oh Sweet Disney! we will discuss Disney related recipes. That could mean a recipe from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, an official Disney webpage or just something inspired by Disney. One of these things is what probably brought you here in the first place. That’s awesome by the way, we are happy to have you.

Every Sunday we are going to actually shift gears a little bit. We will concentrate on tips and tricks to become better bakers. That may be things I learned in culinary school, things we found in books or magazines, and even advice from the pros. Anything to make us a better baker. We call this Sundae Lessons around here.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time baking or you have been a pastry chef for 20 years, there is always something to learn. We become much better bakers from learning about the ingredients, how they interact with each other and how we can use that to improve our baking.

This site isn’t just about following a recipe, it’s about become better Disney bakers. We want to make Walt Disney and his pastry chefs proud. Plus also bring those skills to all other forms of our baking.

We will list all past tips in our Sundae Lessons section so you can easily find them. We hope that one or all of them help you because we know they have helped us a lot.

Thanks and happy learning!


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    1. Ya I super excited about this part too. I’m going to working on that today actually. 😉 I’m trying to decide between a cake tip or a bread tip right now.

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