How amazing are Disney kitchen products?


(Photo (c) Disney Eats)

Hi, my favorite Disney bakers!

When I heard Disney was selling their new Disney Eats line on ShopDisney and in their Disney Stores, I was more than excited. I have always loved looking at the kitchen stuff in the parks and it took everything in my power not to buy it all. The price tags probably helped with that. Ok, they helped a lot with that.

Now that cooking and baking products are being sold everywhere I thought we should review them. Every Wednesday we are going to review a new product. I’m going to give you my honest opinion on it. I know I can be a Disney cheerleader sometimes but I also don’t want you to waste your money.

We are going to cover products from their Disney Eats line, park exclusives, summer specials and everything in between. If we are using them, we will tell you about it.

Check back for reviews and giveaways. Yup, that’s right giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff, especially Disney free stuff!

Love your baking faces!

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