Fairy Godmother Wands


Hello happy bakers!


If you missed Tuesday’s post let me catch you up…. actually, hold up?! Where were you? I would like an explanation where else you could have possibly been. Don’t tell me, family, work or friends… ok maybe I’ll accept that. Adulting is important sometimes.

This month I’m going to work my way through an entire Disney cookbook. There are 30 recipes and we have 30 days in the month of April to complete them. Today is recipe number one; Fairy Godmother Wands.

Let’s jump right into it.

This cookbook’s instructions are awful so I’m going to give the official description and what actually worked for me. They are very different at certain points.


  • 1/2 pound puff pastry sheets

  • 1/2 cup sugar


  1. Defrost your puff pastry for 30- 45 minutes. Mine took way longer than this. It took a couple of hours. You still want it to be cool but not cold enough that it will break when you unroll it.

  2. Ok here’s where the instructions differ between theirs and actual reality. The official recipe says to sprinkle a few tablespoons of colorful sugar on a clean work surface. They fail to mention you can’t just free willy dispense it on the table like a crazy person. You need to lay it out in rows about an inch thick.

  3. The cookbook says to roll out your dough to 1/4 inch thick. Mine just came this thick.

  4. It says to “Add the rest of the sugar as you roll”… um, they should have probably mentioned you need to cut the strips into 3/4 inch thick strips before. When you roll the strips in the sugar it’s not going to roll as easy as they make it sounds. You sort of has to flip it through the sugar and then use your fingers to press sugar into the pastry after. Make sure the sugar sticks to both sides. I used little egg whites to help this along.

  5. Twist the pastry. Mine completely fell upon at this point and I had to press the pieces back together. The same you would do with holes in pie dough.

  6. Place a piece of parchment on a baking sheet. Place the completed wands on the parchment paper about an inch apart. Place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

  7. Preheat the oven to 375F.

  8. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Let them cool completely before serving.


Method two:

After rereading the instructions I realized I’m an idiot and think I know what they mean now. I made them a second time. To be fair I did have two other people read the instructions and they had been equally as confused.

  1. Instead of cutting the dough first, lay the entire uncut dough over the sugar.

  2. Press it into the sugar and then cut the strips.

  3. Twist each strip. This didn’t really work either. I still had to manually press sugar into the dough. Also it still just pulled apart in my hands.

So many sites will pretend like they are perfect and everything comes out exactly like it says in the cookbook. I think we all know that’s not reality. Baking is science and if you aren’t giving clear instructions it can be hard to make the recipe properly the first time. Around here we want you to know we are real people baking the same things you are. Just regular Disney fans making some fun Disney recipes.

Next recipe: Jasmine’s Frosted Jewels.

Happy baking friends!

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