Sunrise and Disney thoughts

Good morning happy bakers!

     As I write this I’m currently sitting on a lawn chair watching the sunrise. That may give you the mental image of me sitting by some beautiful lake at the cottage watching the beautiful orange ball rise in the sky. That’s not exactly what’s happening.

     I’m actually sitting in my living room on top of a stack of two lawn chairs in a high rise apartment. We have moved all our stuff over the weekend and these two chairs and an air mattress are pretty much all we have left in here. The chairs are covered in spray paint too because years ago I used them to hold something while I spray painted it red. I was trying to save some money and ended up spray painting the chair, carpet, and my dog a little by accident.

     I mention all this not to tell you I’ve made bad decisions like spray painting inside, but to say this. I need to recognize these moments outside of Disney more. I know I’m not alone in this but I’ll soak up every second of being in the Disney parks but I sometimes rush through the moments between. I’ll rave about the sunrise over Bay Lake but I’ll forget to watch it rise over the apartment building next to me. Yes numerous people still have a Christmas tree on their balcony, and that’s probably a pretty serious fire hazard, but it has a certain charm in itself.

     While in the parks I talk about how great the popcorn is and say there is nothing like Disney Parks popcorn but that’s not true. Laying on the couch beside the man I love with our puppy beside me, sharing a big bowl of popcorn is pretty amazing too. Way more amazing if I really think about it.

      So as I sit here watching the sun rise through the dirty windows that I should probably clean before I move out but probably won’t, I can’t help but think I’m having a Disney moment right here in my own living room. It’s about a Disney life and not just a Disney life for two weeks.

      I can hear sirens in the distance and that always reminds me to hug someone I love. So I think I’ll go crawl back in bed…. air mattress… with the man who makes my soul smile and says good morning to all of you.

Happy day everyone!

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