Rapunzel’s beautiful flowers


Source: Disney Family Site 


Hello beautiful bakers!

     I would love to say I spent the weekend going on some exciting adventure. I would love to say I knocked a couple things off my bucket list and it was the time of my life. Those would have made for amazing stories but the truth is I just moved.

     Moving is always refreshing and tiring at the same time. It’s a fantastic time to clean out that closest you have been meaning to do and donate those clothes you swear you’ll “fit back into one day”.

     Today I thought I would tell you about my favorite and coincidently Disney related move I’ve ever done. My husband had just returned from working in the middle east and we were living in Canada. He’s American and I’m Canadian and we really needed to make a decision about where we wanted to live. We applied for his citizenship paperwork but if you have ever gone through the immigration process you know it’s a lengthy one.

   We decided to move to the USA while we waited. Well, let me correct that, he would move and I’d travel back and forth between countries. We had the entire USA to chose from but in our minds, there was really only two options; Florida and California. Where else would super Disney crazed fans want to move? So we made the big Disney fan jump that Disney fans talk about taking one day. We packed/gave everything we owned away, quit the job, found an apartment online and moved to Orlando.

     First I would not recommend renting an apartment online without seeing it first. We got very lucky when it came to our apartment. I was terrified that we would show up and there wouldn’t be an apartment or something like that. The apartment ended up being amazing and my husband started working for a company in the tourism industry down there. Most people in Orlando work for a company in the tourism industry it seemed like.

     We were so excited when we drove from our home to Walt Disney World for the first time. We had both been a ton of times but this was the first time we were going to be locals. We were so excited! Since we lived so close it allowed us to be able to go at least 3 or 4 times a week. Especially during the Food and Wine Festivals, we loved going to dinner there. Every night we would try to eat our way through the festival passports. I miss it so bad.

     We are currently back in Canada for a few years to help with my two ill parents, but we will eventually go back. My heart is where my husband is but my mind wanders back to our sunny paradise down there. I miss our farmers market, I miss our dog park and I especially miss Walt Disney World. It sounds so corny but it just feels like home.

     I thought today we could make some cheerful and happy little cupcakes. They just make me smile when I see them and reminds me of the smile Walt Disney World brings to so many faces; Rapunzel’s Flower Cupcakes. These are from the Disney Family Site and are incredibly easy to make with your family. The cupcakes may be inspired by the flowers in Rapunzel’s hair, but I would still make sure you don’t get any of yours in them. Your family would probably appreciate it.


  • Cupcakes

  • Colorful round candies

  • White or light yellow frosting

  • Jumbo Marshmallows

Let’s make some flowers:

  1. Bake your cupcakes according to the cake mix box or your home recipe. Let them cool

    completely before frosting.

  2. Frost the cupcake. You want to leave a space around the edge of the cupcake. You do not want the icing to touch the paper liner of the cupcakes.

  3. Cut numerous jumbo marshmallows into pieces. It’s easiest to do this with scissors. I tried to do it will a knife but it didn’t work very well. The official recipe says you can cut the marshmallow into 5 pieces, but I would only do 3.

  4. Place a colorful round candy in the middle of each cupcake. I used Smarties (A Canadian Brand) but most people will use M&Ms.

  5. Place five pieces of marshmallow about the candy to form the petals.

So super easy right? Perfect for a springtime afternoon or a Tangled theme children’s birthday.

Happy baking people!

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