Causes of Cookie Malfunctions part four

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Source: Idiot’s Guide to Baking by Alexandra Zayn


We have reached the final part of our cookie malfunctions series.

This one is going to be super short because there is only two left to talk about. I think I might create one quick cheat-sheet that people can print out. It might make it easier. I think I would find it helpful so I assume others might too.

Soggy Cookies after they have cooled

  • You probably overlapped your cookies to cool

  • You covered them while they are still warm to cool

Cookies taste or look different

Sometimes mixer blades don’t go to the very side of the bowl. That’s why it’s important to scrape down the sides and the bottom to make sure everything is mixed well. If it’s not combined well you might get uneven-looking cookies. It will also affect the taste because different amounts of the ingredients have been mixed in. You need consistent ingredients and quantity of ingredients to produce two identical cookies.

Happy Baking Everyone!

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