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     When my husband first suggested we go see Big Hero 6 in the theatre, I wasn’t sure if I was going to really love it. The trailers really didn’t get me excited about it. I knew I would enjoy it because it was a Disney movie. Disney could film a pile of dirt for an hour and I would proclaim it’s excellence. In the end, I really thought this movie was delightful. It’s not going to displace Mary Poppins as my all-time favorite Disney movie but I would really recommend people seeing it.

If by some slim chance you haven’t’ seen it, I’ll give you the super brief version of the film. It’s a movie. Ok, maybe a little longer description than that. Hey people, I got jokes over here.

Big Hero 6 came out in 2014 and following the trend of being a 3D computer-animated superhero film. It was lightly based on a Marvel Comic. The movie is based on Hiro Hamada who was 14-year-old robotics genius. He enjoyed participating in illegal robot fights. Isn’t that everyone’s Monday night hobby? Hiro’s brother wanted to put his brother on a new path, he took him to his research lab where Hiro meets a bunch of his brother’s friends. Friends later in the film will aid him in fighting the bad guy. I don’t want to spoil the movie so I’ll leave a lot of the plot out here. Basically, Hiro’s brother dies under suspicious circumstances and it sets Hiro and a health robot Baymax, that Hiro’s brother created, on a journey. During the movie, you can’t help but fall in love with Baymax the inflated healthcare robot. He has nothing but good intentions. Partly because that’s how Hiro’s brother programmed him and partly because he develops his own sense of self. He has so much for humankind. We should all be like that more often I think.

Today we are going to be making some Baymax cupcakes. They look super impressive and could not be more easy to make. The only thing is you might not have an edible marker at home. I know I didn’t. You can get one at any craft or baking store. They really aren’t expensive. You could also do it with icing, but since you don’t need much it seems like a waste of time actually.

As soon as this recipe was posted on Disney Family site, I knew I needed to make them. They are just so cool. I made them for a potluck at a writing group. The crowd wasn’t even Disney fans and they loved them. Imagine if I brought them to a group of Disney geeks or nerds.


  • Red Velvet cupcake recipe or box

  • Black Edible Marker

  • Cream Cheese Icing

  • Jumbo Marshmallows


1. Follow the directions on the red velvet cake box or prepare your favorite red velvet cupcake recipe. Bake according to the directions. Let cool completely. Never frost a cupcake warm if you can help it. Also never decorate cupcakes, leave them on the stove and make garlic bread.  They will melt. I might or might not have done this.

2. On the round end of a Jumbo marshmallow draw Baymax’s face. I found it hard to drag the marker along the cupcake. I just pressed the marker into the marshmallow. Think of it as poking the marshmallow. It made a nice and even eye.

3. Cut another marshmallow to make the arms. You want to cut the marshmallow lengthwise. Don’t worry if it gets a little squished in the process. You can fluff it up again after. Also, it will sort of fluff itself up while it rests.

4. Use a large circle tip in a piping bag to frost the cupcake. You want to start in the middle and in a circular method work your way towards the outside. That’s the way Disney officially says to do it, but I found the result way better if I started from the outside and worked my way in. You want him to be big to represent his body. These cupcakes take a lot of icing. So much icing!

5. Now stick the head and arms on him and voila Baymax at your service.

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Happy Baking Friends!

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    1. They are always such a hit. They are simple but adorable. He will love them! Just be prepared to have to make more icing.

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