Hello beautiful Bakers!

pile of doughnuts
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Hello awesome bakers!


I know I said in the “about section” that this site would be a break from the outside world. We that’s mostly true.

I don’t want politics, finance or celebrity gossip to be our main focus around here. I do, on the other hand, want to talk about real life sometimes. Not the Kardashians problems but the issues that affect all our daily life.

When I say I want you to enter my digital Disney kitchen I really mean it. I’d like it to be you and I sitting around the kitchen chatting while we make cookies. Imagine us talking about real issues like the kids not listening, anxiety and family. I want us to be able to talk about life, just with a glass of milk and an eclair in our hands.

Life isn’t always easy, but together we can find our way through it. Cheesy sounding I know. Some stranger girl telling you she cares about you. What does she know? Well I know years ago when I was at my lowest it was a stranger who helped me. It was a stranger who will never know how they affected my life. They brought me from a woman who had given up on life, to a lady who remembered what hope feels like. That’s a pretty amazing thing, and it didn’t come from some political party, celebrity gossip or self-help guru. It came from people helping people.

Happy Baking Friends 🙂

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